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Poli Glow


 Poli Glow Boat Polish Kit


  • PoliGlow is a New Concept in boat polish
  • PoliGlow is NOT a Wax
  • PoliGlow is a clear-coat with a Gloss Level More Than 5 Times that of any Wax
  • Highest Initial Gloss of All Do-it-yourself Products Tested
  • Won Highest Gloss After 12 and 21 Months
  • #1 Rated By Publication "Practical Sailor"
  • #1 Rated By "Power Boat Reports"
  • PoliGlow will NOT wash off with regular boat soap (not even with compounds)
  • Easy to apply-Wipe on, No rubbing or Buffing
  • Lasts for over 12 months
  • Can Be Used on Boats, RV's, Travel Trailers, Trailers, any Fiberglass Surface!

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Results Speak for Themselves... 

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See it in Action...



 Never wax your boat again!

Does your boat shine when wet only to fade again once the water dries?

Traditionally, boat waxes, cleaners, and compounds have been used to restore aged gelcoat. The problem is they wash away and don't last very long.  Just ask anyone who has spent hours of breaking their back waxing only to have the surface return to it's aged look within a few months, weeks or days time.

As fiberglass ages, UV rays from the sun change the gelcoat finish - the surface becomes microscopically pitted so that light, instead of being reflected in one direction becomes scattered, reflecting back in random directions, creating a dull and faded appearance.  The PoliGlow process first clears the microscopic voids of the collection of accumulated compounds, waxes, oxidation and grime; then the PoliGlow fills those voids and produces a "like wet" surface reflection superior to any wax available!

PoliGlow is not a wax, it is a UV protective clear coat that has been independently proven to have a shine 5 times that of the best waxes on the market.  Not only that, but it also maintains that shine for up to a year and more. 

Say goodbye to buffing, PoliGlow is a different animal.  

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Don't take our word for it...

Rated the Best By...

Practical Sailor & Powerboat Reports
Consumer Resource Publications for the U.S. Marine Industry

What did they conclude?

    • Highest Initial Gloss of All the "Do It Yourself" Products Tested
    • Ease of Removal "Excellent"
    • POLI GLOW is one of our favorites
    • Recommending Poli Glow is a no-brainer


It all started in 1997 when PoliGlow achieved the highest gloss of any DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Hull Restorer.

Then top Honors In 1999:    "Fiberglass Hull Restorers: 21 Month Report"

Again In 2004:  "Our tester puts Poli Glow at the head of the pack."

Then in 2007:    "Recommending Poli Glow is a no-brainer."

Most Recently in 2009:  "Poli Glow edges ahead for its gloss, instructions, kit materials, and customer support."

Most Recently in 2011:  "Bottom Line: Of our two top finishers, Poli Glow offered better performance throughout the test, but it's most significant edge was in the overall package - including the instructions, applicators, and range of products."






Applying Poli Glow

The surface does not need to be shiny for the application of PoliGlow, just clean and uniform in color.  PoliPrep should be used to assure that the surface is clean, free of oxidation, wax and rubbing compounds, mildew, oil, or grease.

Preparation of surface is the most important step!

These very important steps should not be omitted.  The final results will be based on this initial preparation.  Clean surface thoroughly making sure it is free of stains, oxidation, dirt and previously applied wax, polish or rubbing compound.  These products will interfere with the application of PoliGlow

If applying to dark colors or metal-flake finishes, use PoliOx to remove the burnt-hazed layer before using the PoliGlow system.

PoliPrep will remove surface oxidation, old wax, rubbing compounds, stains mildew, oil and grease.  Wet the surface, then apply PoliPrep with a sprayer (always wear gloves).  Scrub with supplied scrub pad until the surface feels smooth and is free of stains and oxidation.  For severe oxidation, you can use a more abrasive scrub pad.  Rinse the area with clear water and allow to dry thoroughly.  You are now ready to apply PoliGlow.



califano-before.jpg  califano-after-bow2.jpg

personal-day-before.jpg  personal-day-after.jpg

Applying Poli Glow

For best results, apply to dry surface using our 7" applicator.  For smaller, hard to reach areas, use our smaller applicator, which is included.  Do not allow applicator to dry.  Keep applicator soft by rinsing with clean water occasionally.  Apply in thin, even, slightly overlapping strokes.  Do not go over coats until dry.  To keep surface clean, avoid windy conditions and apply in temperatures between 55 to 95 degrees F.  PoliGlow can be applied in direct sunlight on light colors only.  For easier application, apply in overlapping 5' square sections allowing each coat to dry (Approximately 60 seconds).  The first several coats may appear streaky due to the absorption of PoliGlow into the surface.  A minimum of 5-6 coats will make the surface shine like new.  Avoid contact with rain for several hours.  Allow surface to cure for 24 hours before coming in contact with water.


PoliGlow is a unique product.  It will not wash off or be affected by soap and water.  A mild soap will keep your surface shining and clean.  To maintain a PoliGlow shine, reapply one or two coats every 6-8 months.  Avoid contact with ammonia-based products, degreasers, teak or hull cleaners and abrasive cleaning products.  PoliStrip will easily remove PoliGlow.  Spray on small area, let stand 1-2 minutes (do not allow to dry), scrub with the scrub pad.  Rinse area with clean water.



If you are not totally satisfied with PoliGlow, simply return the unused portion along with a copy of your receipt, within 12 months from the time of purchase for a full refund.




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