Poli Glow Boat Polish System

 Poli Glow Boat Polish Kit
  • PoliGlow is a New Concept in boat polish
  • PoliGlow is NOT a Wax
  • PoliGlow is a clear-coat with a Gloss Level More Than 5 Times that of any Wax
  • Highest Initial Gloss of All Do-it-yourself Products Tested
  • Won Highest Gloss After 12 and 21 Months
  • #1 Rated By Publication "Practical Sailor"
  • #1 Rated By "Power Boat Reports"
  • PoliGlow will NOT wash off with regular boat soap (not even with compounds)
  • Easy to apply-Wipe on, No rubbing or Buffing
  • Lasts for over 12 months
  • Can Be Used on Boats, RV's, Travel Trailers, Trailers, any Fiberglass Surface!



Results Speak for Themselves... 

before PoliGlow Swim Platform Before PoliGllow
After Poliglow Swim Platform After PoliGlow


See it in Action...


 Never wax your boat again!

Does your boat shine when wet only to fade again once the water dries?

Traditionally, boat waxes, cleaners, and compounds have been used to restore aged gelcoat. The problem is they wash away and don't last very long.  Just ask anyone who has spent hours of breaking their back waxing only to have the surface return to it's aged look within a few months, weeks or days time.

As fiberglass ages, UV rays from the sun change the gelcoat finish - the surface becomes microscopically pitted so that light, instead of being reflected in one direction becomes scattered, reflecting back in random directions, creating a dull and faded appearance.  The PoliGlow process first clears the microscopic voids of the collection of accumulated compounds, waxes, oxidation and grime; then the PoliGlow fills those voids and produces a "like wet" surface reflection superior to any wax available!

PoliGlow is not a wax, it is a UV protective clear coat that has been independently proven to have a shine 5 times that of the best waxes on the market.  Not only that, but it also maintains that shine for up to a year and more. 

Say goodbye to buffing, PoliGlow is a different animal.  


Don't take our word for it...

Rated the Best By...

Practical Sailor & Powerboat Reports
Consumer Resource Publications for the U.S. Marine Industry

What did they conclude?

    • Highest Initial Gloss of All the "Do It Yourself" Products Tested
    • Ease of Removal "Excellent"
    • POLI GLOW is one of our favorites
    • Recommending Poli Glow is a no-brainer


It all started in 1997 when PoliGlow achieved the highest gloss of any DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Hull Restorer.

Then top Honors In 1999: "Fiberglass Hull Restorers: 21 Month Report"

Again In 2004: "Our tester puts Poli Glow at the head of the pack."

Then in 2007:  "Recommending Poli Glow is a no-brainer."

Most Recently in 2009:  "Poli Glow edges ahead for its gloss, instructions, kit materials, and customer support."

Most Recently in 2011:  "Bottom Line: Of our two top finishers, Poli Glow offered better performance throughout the test, but it's most significant edge was in the overall package - including the instructions, applicators, and range of products."



Applying Poli Glow

The surface does not need to be shiny for the application of PoliGlow, just clean and uniform in color.  PoliPrep should be used to assure that the surface is clean, free of oxidation, wax and rubbing compounds, mildew, oil, or grease.

Preparation of surface is the most important step!

These very important steps should not be omitted.  The final results will be based on this initial preparation.  Clean surface thoroughly making sure it is free of stains, oxidation, dirt and previously applied wax, polish or rubbing compound.  These products will interfere with the application of PoliGlow

If applying to dark colors or metal-flake finishes, use PoliOx to remove the burnt-hazed layer before using the PoliGlow system.

PoliPrep will remove surface oxidation, old wax, rubbing compounds, stains mildew, oil and grease.  Wet the surface, then apply PoliPrep with a sprayer (always wear gloves).  Scrub with supplied scrub pad until the surface feels smooth and is free of stains and oxidation.  For severe oxidation, you can use a more abrasive scrub pad.  Rinse the area with clear water and allow to dry thoroughly.  You are now ready to apply PoliGlow.


boat before Poliglow  After PoliGlow

Personal Day Before PoliGlow  Personal Day After Poliglow

Applying Poli Glow

For best results, apply to dry surface using our 7" applicator.  For smaller, hard to reach areas, use our smaller applicator, which is included.  Do not allow applicator to dry.  Keep applicator soft by rinsing with clean water occasionally.  Apply in thin, even, slightly overlapping strokes.  Do not go over coats until dry.  To keep surface clean, avoid windy conditions and apply in temperatures between 55 to 95 degrees F.  PoliGlow can be applied in direct sunlight on light colors only.  For easier application, apply in overlapping 5' square sections allowing each coat to dry (Approx.60 seconds).  The first several coats may appear streaky due to the absorption of PoliGlow into the surface.  A minimum of 5-6 coats will make the surface shine like new.  Avoid contact with rain for several hours.  Allow surface to cure for 24 hours before coming in contact with water.


PoliGlow is a unique product.  It will not wash off or be affected by soap and water.  A mild soap will keep your surface shining and clean.  To maintain a PoliGlow shine, reapply one or two coats every 6-8 months.  Avoid contact with ammonia-based products, degreasers, teak or hull cleaners and abrasive cleaning products.  PoliStrip will easily remove PoliGlow.  Spray on small area, let stand 1-2 minutes (do not allow to dry), scrub with the scrub pad.  Rinse area with clean water.




If you are not totally satisfied with PoliGlow, simply return the unused portion along with a copy of your receipt, within 12 months from the time of purchase for a full refund.



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This guide is the most comprehensive overview available for the Poli Glow system and is offered only to MyBoatStore customers.  This $19.95 value can be yours if you order today!

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Customer: Dick Caswell

Poliglow Kit

This is the best product I have ever used to put my boat back to near new condition. It is a 1982 Mako that was very chalky inside and out.  The ease of use and final results were unbelievable! 

Customer: david bortle


...the best shine I've ever had on my 1978 baby blue SeaRay boat!

Customer: Patrick Greenburger

Delivery was fast.

This is the first time I used Poli Glow and so far it really appears excellent on my 1996 Bounder motor home.

Customer: Dan J

Pretty good stuff. Happy with it.

Like they say, it's all in the prep. Washed the RV (31' fifth wheel) twice, poli prepped it once (don't skip this important step) and then started wiping on the poli glow.  You need to have good weather and doing this big RV was a pretty big job, but it looks great.  The fiberglass went from dead flat to like new gloss. Putting 6 coats on it does take some time and some energy, but it beats the wax jobs that I've done that had no effect on this old flat gel coat. I read all kinds of reviews first and did a lot of research. Some were good, some were bad, but I took the chance and now I've drunk the kool-aid.

I like this product. You're supposed to add a coat or two every year and that makes sense to me. Whether keeping it or selling it, this stuff is the way to go for sun damaged gel coat. 

Customer: jim hobson

PolyGlow kit

I was very satisfied with this product, ease of application and appearance. I would suggest a better pair of gloves mine broke while trying to put them on. otherwise excellent!

Customer: Frank


This stuff is amazing.  Highly recommended!

Customer: Robert Walters

PoliGlow WORKS!!!

I just purchased a 1996 Sea Raider Jet Boat. It was a very dull and chalky white with some yellowing also from sitting out in the Florida sun.

I purchased the PoliGlow kit and the results were truly fantastic.

My neighbor could not believe it was the same boat. This is a great product and very easy to use.  I had originally tried to buff it out with a special compound for boats and was a waste of time and energy.  PoliGlow took off the compound and looks like a new boat.

Would I recommend it without hesitation.  Thank you for a product that does what you claim and made me a believer!

Customer: Elvin Kozachenko

So far it looks good need more time. Send some business cards!

Customer: Jim Bosley

The Poliglow kit is amazing!

The Poliglow kit is amazing. I bought a 10 year old motorhome and tried every type of product to restore the fiberglass shine.  Nothing worked.  I was told about Poliglow and decided to try it. Incredible product. The motorhome looks like it has a new paint job. I am impressed and suggest it be used by anyone wanting to restore shine and durability. It is actually fun (but timely) to put on as you see immediate results.   Thanks for the product!!

Customer: Ron Carr

PoliGlow Kit

What an unbelievable product. My friends and neighbors can't believe the difference in my boat, it looks new again and it's an '84!

Customer: Chuck Stillman


I really liked using the poliglow on my Bigfoot travel trailer. It improved the finish after 4 coats. It is easy to wash and take care of and it looks like I painted the trailer. To date I have done 3 trailers with 2 kits. This is a really good product and easy to use.

Customer: Donna


This product works as advertised. My deck boat stays in a boat house which gets sun on one side. In 7 years that one side looked very old and faded while the rest of the boat looks only 2 years old. I waxed 2 times a year, but no help on the sun side. That side looks new now. Yes it is not as "slick" or smooth feeling as wax, but the look is 10 times better. The boat has a big black swoosh on the sides and that was faded even worse than the fiberglass. It worked amazing on it. I ended up doing the entire boat. I just didn't put 6 coats on the better areas. It has been on 4 months now and is great. I had to get a stain off of an area and had to scrub extra hard and made a dull area. All I did was apply 3 quick coats to that 12 inch area and as good as new. I will put another 2 coats on early winter when I take it out for service. It was hard applying this in my boathouse with all of the 4 x 4 post and lift cables in the way.

Customer: Jack Smith


Everyone in our marina is raving at how our boat is coming along. We own a 48' Uniflite and live aboard it. Between hurricane Ike and the general weather here in Kemah, TX.  It has been brutal on our fiberglass.  Last year, one section took a whole day of compounding and waxing to get a halfway decent shine.  It took lees than 2 hrs for that same section with the Poly Glow Kit. My wife needed her sunglasses because the shine hurt her eyes.  It don't get no better than that!  I offer one suggestion. I used an electric sander with a scotch-brite pad with the Poly Prep that comes with the kit. It was much faster. I'm thinking about starting a business with this stuff. I am hoping that I can write another review in about a year concerning it's longevity. Bottom line. There is nothing available at any price that will bring back that beautiful fiberglass shine like this stuff.

Customer: sam moccabee

PoliGlow Kit

Followed the easy to do directions and five coats later, which took no time at all, has returned the color of my sport craft to actually new. More than impressed. Good bye to wax.

Thanks again.

Customer: Lou

New boat?

I just came in from looking at my 1984 sailboat in the backyard. It looks like it just came from the factory.  Thank you Poliglow!

Customer: Don Weber

Stopping Traffic

It worked very well, I actually had someone stop their car on my street as I was applying your product and asked what I was using, that it looked new.  My boat is 25 years old and it always bothered me that the color looked dull and faded, until now!

Customer: Dr. Paul F. Jacobs

I have been using PoliGlow for 8 years since the 2001 Newport Boat Show...and love it!

Customer: Jack Helms

PoliGlow Works!

I have just reordered my second bottle of PoliGlow treatement for fiberglass as it works great. The shine is just like glass when you are done. I love it. Jack

Customer: Jim Peveler

The service and product are excellent.

Customer: Doug Evans


Amazing, made it look like brand new!!

Customer: Mike Sorrell

Smiles for PoliGlow

As a sailor on Lake Ontario, with a short sailing season, I only spend one-half day cleaning and polishing my boat.  The mirror shine remains all season long. 

Customer: Tim Farmer

This is an awesome product!

This is an awesome product!  It made my 1979 cheater bass boat look like a 2009 boat and was easy to do.  Thanks to ship shape tv and to you for having this product available!

Customer: Melissa J. McCormick

Cheers to PoliGlow!

I have a 23’ Donzi that was built in 1987 and it has a dark blue haul. Last year we discovered PoliGlow because we saw it on Ship Shape. The procedure to clean the oxidation was a breeze and application of the PoliGlow itself was quick and painless. Believe me, before this product we spent tons of money on wax and cleaners and a lot of time buffing, buffing, buffing and spending entire weekend days waxing. This past weekend we spent a total of no more than two hours preparing and putting on the application. Preparation was using one bucket of water to clean the haul, and then applying the PoliGlow. My friend last year did her 34’ Albin which came out great. She spent less than $150 doing it and was thrilled with the results. ( I think the crew lunch and beer cost more than the product.)  The marina had wanted $9,000 to paint the boat and they had never seen a product like PoliGlow with an amazing outcome. (I’m sure they’re not fans.)  Because of this product, I have saved lots of money and lots of time. The boat looks awesome all summer.

Cheers to PoliGlow!

Melissa McCormick, Solomons, Maryland

Customer: Dennye Bullock


After trying other polishes, waxes, etc., and not getting good results, we were told about Poliglow by other boaters who had used the product.  To our amazement, it brought back the glow of yesteryear to our 1974 Cal sailboat.  We are completely satisfied with the results.

Customer: Helmut Schnettler

PoliGlow Kit

I am very please at the results of this PoliGlow. My boat was all gray and I wondered if I would ever get it back to the deep blue.  This stuff is bringing the color back like new.  I have used 3 bottles so far, but will go over the hull some more times for additional protection.  I've put on 4 coats till now, but will order 2 more bottles since it is so easy to put on.  I intend to put on 1 coat every month , to make sure that the ALBIN keeps its deep blue shine.......  Helmut Schnettler - Bradenton, Florida

Customer: Pete Caballero


WOW, this works phenomenal. My boat went from flat chalky white to gloss, like new, white.  Extremely happy with this product.

Customer: Dale O. Knee

PoliGlow Kit

Totally satisfied with all aspects from ordering to delivery to quality of the product.  Thanks!

Customer: E Powers

I have used Poliglow for four years on my 27 year old sailboat and found it to be an excellent product.

Customer: Guest

We have a 1977 Trojan and when polyglow is used it looks almost new. Poliglow fills the little pores areas filling them. Thus you have the almost new finish. The area must be clean or you seal in the dirt.

Customer: Guest

This is a great product. Wish I would have found it years ago!

Customer: Captain Dan

I used Poli Glow and Teakguard on my 41' sailboat during haulout last spring. No kidding, I must have had 20 fellow sailors ask if I had a new boat. It was that dramatic! Congratulations on 2 great products!

Customer: Jill Gehrhardt

I have used PoliGlow for years on my Hunter and Interlake and swear by it. There is no other product that was as easy to apply or lasted as long. Thanks for making my favorite easy to order!

Customer: Steve Stephens

Faded Motorhome

I used your product on my motorhome that was really faded.  It looked like new after applying the cleaner and PoliGlow finish.  Thanks for a good product!


Poli Glow, great stuff !!!!!

I have a 22' flats boat that's five years old and was polluted with oxidation.  After applying 6 coats of Poli Glow I have a better than new boat.  The surface is glossy and has again restored the original deep rich color. I had to see it to believe it.

John Bryant

Customer: Homer Johnson

PoliGlow Kit complete

This is a great product and I was satisfied.  The Fed-Ex service was speedy as well.

Customer: Greg P.

Polyglow Kit

This is the second time i have ordered this product.  It absolutely the best product I have ever used on the hull of my boat.  The last time I applied this product to my hull was over a year ago and it still looks fantastic.  I leave my boat in the water for two or three days at a time. the ployglow seals the gelcoat and I don't get the stains or scumlines in the gelcoat.