Scotch Guard

Scotch Guard Water Repellent

ATTENTION:  Did you know you can invalidate your manufacturer's factory warranty by using ScotchGuard like water repellents?

There is a significant difference between ScotchGuard 'water repellent' and a true fabric protector...

ScotchGuard and other silicone based water repellent fabric treatments are inexpensive products common in the Fabric-Care, Marine, RV, and Outdoors industries where they are sold to protect and "waterproof" fabrics of all kinds including those used on furniture, tents, car seats, boat covers, awnings, carpeting, and outdoor furniture.

It is true that silicone water repellents such as ScotchGuard provide good, albeit short-lived water repellency...

Here's what these products don't advertise:

  • Silicone treated fabrics soil more readily than untreated fabrics.

  • When soiled, ScotchGuard treated fabrics are much more difficult to clean than untreated fabrics.

  • Silicone treated fabrics have zero resistance to oil based staining agents such as oils from your skin, sun tan lotions, smoke and emissions from barbecues, cars, and boats.

  • Silicone water repellents cause oil based stains to bond almost indelibly to treated fabrics.

Isn't it ironic that the same product you spend money on to protect your investment can instantly cause the fabric to soil more quickly than leaving it untreated?


Don't Make this Critical Mistake!

Did you know that by simply using a product such as ScotchGuard you might actually void your Manufacturers Warranty?

For Example: Sunbrella Fabrics, manufactured by Glen Raven Mills, is well known as the best quality fabric for most outdoor applications. Sunbrella is used internationally in most commercial awnings, most of the world's fabric automotive convertible tops, and in a high percentage of marine covers, bimini tops and boat enclosures. Sunbrella is extremely resistant to UV light, but after cleaning or a lengthy period of exposure may require treatment to replenish lost repellency.

The use of silicone water repellents such as ScotchGuard is specifically recommended AGAINST by Glen Raven Mills and can void the multi-year factory warranty.


With all that is known about ScotchGuard...why would anyone ever use it?

People continue to use these products for various reasons:

  • Familiarity with the product:  Many people have used ScotchGuard in the past making it an item that they feel comfortable using.

  • Many decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent in marketing the product to the public, making the brand a household name.

  • Not everyone has taken the time to do the research and therefore simply does not understand the vast differences between these products. 


So What Do I Use to "Safely" Protect My Fabrics?

True fabric protectors will provide excellent water repellency, but in contrast to silicone treatments, a true fabric protector will also:

  • cause the treated fabric to resist soiling

  • make the fabric easier to clean when it becomes soiled

  • resist both water and oil based stains 

Although even the lowest grade of fabric protector will typically out-perform ScotchGuard, there is a product that truly stands out from the rest:

Remember Glenn Raven, the largest manufacturer of outdoor fabrics...the only product Glen Raven Mills recommends for treating their flagship product Sunbrella is 303 High Tech Fabric Guard.  In fact, they feel so strongly that 303 High Tech Fabric Guard is the best product on the market, not only will using this product not invalidate their warranty, but they've also authorized their logo to be used on the front label!

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