Little Sucker Beverage Anchor

How Many Drinks Have Been Spilled on Your Watch... ?

     The Little 'il Sucker is the savior of spilled drinks! This practically instructable piece of neoprene anchors your beverage, can, bottle, Yeti Cup, mug, soda, shampoo... to any smooth surface to prevent its capsize.



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Poli Glow Fiberglass Restoration System

The Best DIY Restoration System Available!

     PoliGlow, for over 15 years, has a proven track record of bringing back a shine to tired fiberglass.  Since it's creation it has been consistently awarded as the "Best Pick" in Fiberglass Restorers available on the market.

If your hull won't shine no matter how much you wax, PoliGlow could be your answer...


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PS- Our most often heard complaint about this system is:  "I wish I would have heard about this years ago!".

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Poli Glow Users - Don't Forget Your Regular Maintenance Coats

Perhaps your "baby" won't hold that shine any longer than a couple of months?  Maybe you've already used Poli Glow and you need to put on a few maintenance coats... 

Either way, it's time to order your products now and avoid having to wait for the delivery once you've (or the weather) has decided its time.




303 Fabric Guard and Stain Protector
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     The time tested standard by which all other Fabric Protection is measured... 303 Fabric Guard is recommended by and for Sunbrella brand Fabrics by Glen Raven, the industries largest producer of outdoor fabrics.  Chances are that even if you've not heard of Sunbrella fabric before, you likely already own some.  Sunbrella Fabric is used in lawn furniture, sail covers, umbrellas, canopies, enclosures, outdoor pillows, pool accessories, etc...
     Glen Raven regards 303 Fabric Guard so highly they have allowed their logo to be used right on the bottle, and recommend or endorse no other products for protecting their fabrics.  Fabric Guard is rugged enough for boat covers and canvas, yet gentle enough for silk and suede.
     Fabric Guard prevents UV degradation and helps prevent fading and staining no matter what the fabric!





Introducing Spotless-Stainless Stainless Steel Rust Remover and Protectant

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     The MyBoatStore pick in removing rust from Stainless Steel with out scrubbing or polishing.  Brush on, rinse off, safe fast and easy.


What is Spotless Stainless Rust Remover?

Spotless Stainless Rust Remover and Protector is used to remove rust and surface iron from 300 series and other grades of Stainless Steel found in the Marine Industry. By removing the surface iron Spotless Stainless leaves a rich chromium layer which will react with oxygen to form Chromium Oxide. This oxide layer is what protects Stainless Steel. 

(Not recommend Spotless Stainless for Stainless Steel tools, knives, or stainless that is NOT 300 series.) 

Spotless Stainless also excels at removing rust and surface iron on fiberglass, gel-coat and plastic.

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Teak-Guard Wood Finish System for Teak
Teak wood seems to be everywhere, trim, decking, furniture, doors, swim platforms, anything outdoors. It is used because of its time tested resiliency, and when properly maintained, it's unmatched beauty.  Along with Teak, comes choosing a regiment to maintain it.  Rest assured that those who have tried many of the wood finishes out there (that aren't dedicated to Teak) will testify it can be a difficult animal.

Most people have two choices: To let their Teak turn gray and work to keep it clean from mold and mildew, or to choose to embrace its maintenance as a labor of love and showcase it as their crowning jewel.  For those who choose the latter, Teak Guard is your choice.

In order to properly maintain Teak wood and not cause damage to the
wood fibers themselves, you need to consider a comprehensive system
which includes both the cleaning and finishing requirements inherent
to Teak.

The best we've found is the Teak Guard system...


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MyBoatStore's Kanberra Gel Air Purifier... Makes Bad Odors a thing of the past.

To be quite honest, this product met us with some reluctance the first time we were introduced to it...  how many air sprays have been on the market?  Well after using it, putting it through our own testing and watching how many people swear by this product, we are now proud to affixed the MyBoatStore Endorsement to this product as our pick in Air Purifiers. 

This Tea Tree Oil based product was designed by prior HVAC contractors who were trying to find a way to rid air handling units of odor.  They needed something that could be released into the air and would safely degrade odor causing mold, mildew, and bacteria at its source.  Kanberra is now available in the timed released gel...
Find out how your Boat or RV smelled when it was new!